Purpose of register

The ESCo register will be an important tool to facilitate the market development and growth of ESCos in South Africa; and will be utilized by both the public and private sector to identify, plan, develop, finance or implement co-generation or energy efficiency and demand side management projects in buildings, public lighting or water infrastructure.

Applicants will also be required to fill in the EEDSM reference when they register. The EEDSM reference is available from the Department of Energy.

The register will be reviewed and updated on an annual basis, ensuring the relevance thereof, but also providing ESCos with the opportunity to achieve a higher certification level as they mature.

ESCos will be catergorised as either Tier 1 (Full ESCo) or Tier 2 (Developing ESCo). A comprehensive training program will be put in place to assist Tier 2 ESCos to develop into Tier 1 ESCos. A mentoring program whereby Tier 1 ESCos will work with Tier 2 ESCos is also envisaged.